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Version 2.0.1 released 4/4/02.
Now support Win32 Systems (XP/2000/NT/98)!

Why Website Supporter 2.0.1 is voted #1!
    • Unmatched Customization!
    • World Class Support!
    • Tested and Proven!
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
See the full list of features!

Website Supporter is a CGI application designed to increase your level of customer support by generating a unique ticket number for each support request and allowing customers to track the support progress. This benefits the customer and the webmaster by allowing them both to keep track of the request progress, as well as view and edit the support ticket as needed. The webmaster can handle support requests in a more efficient manner by having them organized and rated by priority, date, etc.

This program is extremely customizable, making it one of the very best support programs on the web! We originally wrote this program for our own use and, after having several of our customers ask where they could purchase it, we decided to make it available to all webmasters. The existing features are a collaboration of the minds of our webmaster and the current customers of Website Supporter. Ease your mind, help your support staff, and please your customers by purchasing Website Supporter now!

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